Let me tell you folks, we’re very excited to get North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey’s commentary in our blog reader. We’ll be even more excited when he can condense said commentary into 140 characters or less.

Over the weekend in a P&C guest editorial, Summey let the state’s rail plan have it with both barrels. Summey, who doesn’t do anything in moderation, threw in another two barrels with his unedited comments on the brand new North Charleston blog.

Summey is upset over a Statehouse amendment to port legislation that would provide a second rail line for the proposed Navy base port site. This would be bad news for North Charleston, the mayor says, and it would go against promises made to the city.

The crux is that Summey wants more for North Charleston than an industrial wasteland. There are more than enough “Aw, snap” moments in Summey’s commentary. Like this one:

So why is the State pursuing the installation of rail yards on land previously deeded to North Charleston? It appears that the State mistakenly assumes that land and destroyed communities in North Charleston cost nothing. The State may soon learn that the land will become the most expensive it has ever acquired. It is far from “free.”

Take a look.