That is all.

No, really, I have absolutely nothing more to say about this.




So click away.

Go look at some clown porn or something.

Check the stock price for Apple.

Read up on Marcus Lattimore’s decision to head to the NFL.

Hell, you could even head on over to Before It’s News and read all about the FEMA coffins that Uncle Sam has set aside for Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, and all the other angry white assholes who refuse to bow down to King Barack the First.

All of this hubbub about North Korea’s kinda, sorta ICBM is pure and utter news-cycle, ratings war horseshit. It’s a bit of community theater-level political theater that’s being discussed like it’s the latest musical from fucking Andrew Lloyd Webber. It’s a blip on the inside of page 2-A sandwiched between a story on who went home on The Voice last night and a story on Lemming Lohan’s latest step toward the edge of the cliff.

So please, go somewhere else if you expect me to say something about this grave and present danger to the people of the United States of America. Maybe if we ignore North Korea for a change, they’ll just go away.