On Saturday night, a small crowd of dedicated foodies and City Paper peeps gathered at Avondale Wine & Cheese to sample an eye-opening variety of goat cheeses. From chevre made fresh right here in Charleston using milk from Split Creek Farms to a sharply aged goat cheese called Midnight Moon, the choices were diverse and delicious.

Proprietress Manoli Davani provided a flight of eclectic wines, noting that while Sauvignon Blanc is the classic goat cheese pairing, there are plenty of other varietals that pair nicely too. The tastings progressed from a light Pinot Bianco with fresh chevre to a juicy, red Le Clos Delorme Valencay that paired nicely with the bloomy rinded cheeses that were slathered with roasted and glazed figs.

Local cheesemaker Farrah Hoffmire held court in the back room and had plenty of cheese samples to go around. The crystallized ginger was most popular, but new flavors like pesto and pimento cheese were also big hits. My personal favorite was cracked green peppercorn and sea salt. While she talked about her cheesemaking, a video from her website played in the background, giving guests a feel for where her cheese comes from.

As the gathering wound up, attendees signed up for their Nosh Mob credentials and their chance to win a prize pack including a $10 gift certificate to Avondale Wine & Cheese, a copy of “Year of the Goat,” and several DVDs of Farrah’s movies. The big prize of the night was a $100 gift certificate to Avondale’s beloved Italian trattoria Al di La.

Keep your eye out for future Nosh Mob events organized by the City Paper as a way to thank our online restaurant raters. Sign up and we’ll notify you of our next foodie gang gathering.