Spoleto Headquarters saw an influx of board members on Monday morning for a mid-festival meeting. With local members as well as many out-of-towners in attendance, nearly every seat in the house was filled. Attendees seemed to have no problem with the fact that they were taking care of business on Memorial Day, however, as they snacked on quiches and exchanged pleasantries.

Mayor Joe Riley kicked things off with a greeting emphasizing the significance of the festival and the board’s crucial role in its success. “Charleston’s history changed in 1977,” he said, acknowledging that many of those responsible were sitting around him. He went on to talk about the importance of the Gaillard renovation (we received a Gaillard Foundation hand-out in our information packets) and the need for state funding, which has gone down significantly in recent years. While the renovation is not a technically related to the festival, the deep-pocketed, arts-loving board members are a good bet for investors in the project.