Right on time for Charleston Beer Week, Edmund’s Oast announced on Instagram that its first ever bottled beers will be released Sept. 18. Parsimony and Blackberry Bathos, two sours, will be sold this Sunday beginning at 3:30 p.m.

Now you may be wondering why, after two years in business, it took this long for the award-winning brewpub to bottle its own beer. 

“The reason we haven’t done it is the massive amount of labor,” explains Edmund’s owner Scott Shor. “We hand bottled each one of these and our production is really minimal. Really it had to do with internal logistics.” 

Regulars might be familiar with each of the inaugural bottled beers. Blackberry Bathos is a 8.5 percent sour ale that Edmund’s menu describes as fermented with blackberries andaged in red wine barrels with a jammy taste. Parsimony is also a sour ale that’s been aged in red wine barels, but it’s described as having chocolate brownie and red fruit notes and comes in at 9 percent. Edmund’s head brewer Cameron Read says each were chosen for their extended shelf life. “There’s only a total of 11 cases of each,” adds Read.

That small number is why shoppers are only allowed to purchase three bottles of each. The 375 mL bottles sell for $8 a piece.