An NPR story published today entitled “Grand Old Party Confronts The New On Stimulus Plan” takes note of the connection between SC Gov. Mark Sanford and Ron Paul:

“One of them was Mark Sanford of South Carolina. Another Man of ’94, Sanford came to the Capitol with the torch-bearing troops of Newt Gingrich but proved even more conservative than his cohort. He often lined up with libertarian hero Ron Paul, even when no one else did. And unlike many who took the three-terms-and-out pledge, Sanford did his three and left.

Sanford came back to politics two years later as governor and has shown a preference for the executive role. His second term ends in 2010, and he has been touted as a candidate for the White House in 2012. He is now chairman of the National Governors Association (a job once held by Bill Clinton) and has the backing of some who had backed Paul’s earlier bids for the presidency.”

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