“This has all become so controversial you’d thinkthe C-word was “Confederate.'”

— Post and Courier reporter Brian Hicks last week in a story about politicians’ holiday greeting cards, with the best joke to slip past that paper’s editors since one of its sports writers interviewed Haywood Jablome at The Masters in Augusta a few years ago.


That’s the page a story about the country’s failing grades in the War against Terror appeared in the Tuesday, Dec. 6 edition of The Post and Courier. Appearing closer to the front page in that edition: stories about the reason the Titanic sunk (think: iceberg), and felony charges against U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) being upheld.


“[Gov. Carroll] Campbell … was an essential part of building up our state … He did not try to dismantle the initiatives of his predecessors; indeed, he tried in small ways to move those efforts forward.”

Source: Editorial, The State


That’s how many acres of forest are converted into urban and suburban use every day, according to a speech made last week by Gov. Mark Sanford in Awendaw. Source: The Post and Courier