I know a number of South Carolina pundits who will get a kick out of Diana Furchtgott-Roth’s New York Sun column. Before bashing Barack Obama and the Democratic Party for being pro-employee, Furchtgott-Roth tells New York that it has a thing or two to learn from South Carolina.

A few winners:

Because its government spends and taxes less than New York does, and imposes fewer regulations on employers, South Carolina is producing more jobs.

Last week the Tax Foundation published its estimates of state and local tax burdens for 2008. New York residents had the second highest tax burden — all taxes, income, sales, property — in America, 11.7% of their income. New Jersey headed the list at 11.8%. South Carolina came in 37, at 8.8%.

How can New York compete with a state that runs so much more efficiently? New York could imitate South Carolina and have a more efficient state government, with lower taxes and fewer regulations of employers.