Luxury watch company Caravelle New York recently featured the song “Dag” by People Person in a commercial.

It’s sort of a weird match. Broad Street creative agency Lunch & Recess shot the commercial on location in New York City, but the song itself features clear references to North Charleston and James Island.

“I thought that was kind of weird. It’s like in the very first 30 seconds,” says Jess Oliver, lead singer of People Person.

But the message of the song, the lead single off of the album Dumb Supper, is a bit more universal. “It’s actually about the first time I met my boyfriend Johnnie [Matthews, Oliver’s bandmate in Elim Bolt] at the Halloween cover show at the Mill. We were living in different towns from each other,” Oliver says. Stylistically, Oliver says the song draws on her childhood fascination with 1950s rock ‘n’ roll, with a ’90s rock flavor.

Anyway, the video kind of makes us want to buy a watch. So apparently it works.