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Just when it was beginning to seem that spring would be awash in neutrals, Z Spoke, the newer, lower-priced line from Zac Posen, dazzled audiences with a rainbow of flirtatious colors, girly silhouettes, and oodles of celebs. From prints of cartoon heads and anthropomorphized fruit to crocheted bras worn outside blouses, the show was playfully tongue-in-cheek — just like its name, a play on the British term “bespoke,” which refers to posh, custom-made garments.

Claire Danes, Carmen Electra, and Kristen Cavalleri (who gushed, “I’m wearing Z Spoke”) looked on as models pranced down the runway. The first look was a feminine jersey coat cut mid-thigh in a vivid orange hue that teetered on the edge of red and was boldly paired with a knit coral pink snake-print tank dress. Each look that followed was more irresistible than the last.

Silhouettes were hourglass; waists cinched, tops reminiscent of corsets, and breasts celebrated with ruffles and lace. Work separates were light-hearted, like a high-wasted navy voile pant and tailored jacket combo paired with a fruit cocktail-print blouse. Eveningwear ranged from gregarious yellow plaids piped with black to sensual black cut-out dresses and long, and flouncing fringe — perfect for the extroverted Posen girl, at every price point.

Despite the dropping Mercury outside the tents, the audience in the Theater left invigorated with spring fever. 

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