O.A.R. (Of a Revolution) performed at the Family Circle Magazine Stadium on Sat. Sept. 20 to a full house. City Paper‘s Myles Hutto was there!

O.A.R. Drives Daniel Island Crazy:

[image-1]The night of Sept. 20 was cool by Charleston standards, hinting that summer [image-2]would soon be a memory. Despite the coming of fall, O.A.R. had Daniel Island hotter than July with their groove-heavy blend of rock and reggae, and prompted some to catch the last waves of summer by crowd-surfing.

[image-3]Any band that can make you forget about paying $6 per beer is doing something right, and it seemed that the majority of the crowd wasn’t deterred from loosening up on booze and grooving along to the jammy guitar licks of [image-4]Richard On and the smooth sounds of Jerry Depizzo on the sax. O.A.R.’s music and a solid buzz is a match made in heaven.

[image-5]Several times I turned my back to the stage to look up at the surrounding bleachers to see that the entire crowd was dancing (if that’s what you want to call it). O.A.R. has an impeccable ability to make a venue the size of the Family Circle Cup[image-6] feel like a frat party. Though almost a decade after the first release of “A Crazy Game of Poker,” the crowd’s response to the song’s encore performance can only be described as just that, crazy. —Myles Hutto

(Photos by Myles Hutto and Mike Saia)