Only two percent of the beef in this country is choice enough to be considered prime, and Charleston has its hands on some of it. Esquire magazine named the Cajun-blackened N.Y. Strip at Oak Steakhouse one of the top 20 steaks in the U.S. John Mariani’s diverse “Almanac of Steaks” is filled with all different types of cuts and preparations, from Brazilian churrascos to Beef Wellington. His description of Chef Brett McKee’s Cajun steak is mouth-watering. He writes, “The beef is ennobled with Creole crawfish butter that slowly melts over the beef, revealing delicious little mud bugs and making a rich, spicy dish rich, spicy, and sweet.” Yum! We hear they’re already starting to track the sales that will surely result from this bit of national press. —Alison Sher


Speaking of more laddie mags, McCrady’s was mentioned in an article in Maxim for having the Most Overworked Staff. It must be all that time spent out in the farm growing heirlooms, rearranging protein molecules, creating and serving some of the most innovative and mind-blowingly delicious food in Charleston. The wait staff laughed when we asked them about it, so apparently not everyone agrees with Maxim. Check out the interview On the Menu had with Chef Sean Brock on May 25, which gives you insight into Brock’s thinking process. It can be found in their audio archive at their website, www.onthemenuradio.com/stream.php. —Alison Sher


A moment late for our summer beer guide in Dish, but just in time for the 100+ degree days of August, Charleston’s Coast Brewing Company kegged and released their latest offering this week, an ‘altbier’ crafted after the authentic Stïcke-style brews that originated in Germany. Assertively hoppy and heavily malted, the cold-conditioning process used for this heady, dark brown beer gives it an almost-crunchy initial sensation, while still maintaining a clean, dry finish. At 6 percent alcohol by volume, it’s strong enough to have you singing Buffett tunes after a few pints, but refreshingly hydrating as well on a sticky summer night. The kegs are shipping around town this week to various locales — Coast assures us you’re guaranteed a pint at Beerworks and Gene’s Haufbrau.
Stratton Lawrence