Last week, Taco Boy sent us a video of two mascots out drinking and carousing. “Taco Boy Mascot Gets Punched” is a goofy clip that might get a chuckle or two out of you, but mostly it feels like they’re trying too hard to go viral.

 It just proves how daunting it can be to use video, Twitter, Facebook, and every other social medium to market your business. It’s time consuming and hard to measure the pay off.

Over on Broad Street, Oak Restaurant has jumped into the social media fray, posting videos to YouTube of Chef Brett McKee crafting daily specials like figs with mascarpone and proscuitto (a personal favorite) and veal piccata.

Not a bad tactic in this day of celebuchefs and fanatical foodies, especially when he’s showing you how to make a simple dish that can be easily replicated at home. He’s also using his Facebook status to great effect, uploading pictures of specials and dishes that he’s working on throughout the day.

His latest update announces that Oak will start serving brunch next weekend.

“On Sunday August 2nd I will do the 1st Brunch at Oak Steakhouse. For 6 yrs when I had ‘Bretts Restaurant’ we had the Best Sunday Brunch anywhere… So now after almost 5 yrs of people asking me for it, I’m gonna give it. This is a Brunch that you don’t want to miss! Book your reso’s early! I will start to tease you with pics of the brunch items soon! Oak Steakhouse Sunday Brunch!!!! Mmmm that sounds GREAT!”

Not a bad way to get the word out via the 2,000-plus friends he has on Facebook. Of course, the biggest trouble with social media is hacking through the clutter and having your message rise to the top, which is why you need someone like me to help you get that word out there. So here goes: Brunch at Oak starts Aug. 2. Be there for omelets and hallah bread French toast.