As each hour passes and we continue to wait for the blue smoke from the chimney,  reporters are clinging to whatever shred of news they can find. For those who are truly obsessed, CNN has a camera monitoring each of the house of Sens. Joe Biden and Evan Bayh and Gov. Tim Kaine.

Speculation in the last few minutes has turned to Texas Rep. Chet Edwards. He’s southern, folksy, and stuff. Perfect pick … if it wasn’t for that last name!

I am going to give the campaign the benefit of the doubt that, while vetted heavily, he didn’t make the cut. I don’t care if it’s Mother Theresa Edwards or Oprah Edwards or Indiana Jones Edwards, the last name is a killer! While you pray that people in rural America will tune in enough to realize that Obama is not a Muslim or a terrorist or a fan of that new Knight Rider, I can promise you that they would mistake this guy for that marital infidel they’ve been reading about in the papers.