Former Gov. Jim Hodges endorsed Barack Obama on Tuesday, saying that Barack will be a leader on education and be able to better compete in November.

“If we want to make the lives of everyday South Carolinians better – improve our schools, strengthen families and cover the uninsured — it will take fundamental changes to how business is done in Washington. Barack Obama has been bringing people together to create change all his life. He’s the right choice to turn the page on the divisive politics that have led to partisan gridlock and inaction. I also have a practical reason for supporting Barack. I think he can win in November and make states that haven’t been on the Democratic electoral map competitive again by attracting Independents and moderate Republicans.”

I’m not terribly sure which state Hodges was talking about, but it’s hard to believe that it’s South Carolina. Hodges said his support is tied to Obama’s vision for improving education. A few weeks ago, we covered Obama’s education plan.