After its disastrous Oct. 1 opening, when the bizarre flick “Obamacare: The BIG Balloon Adventure in Affordable Care” blinked and flickered at the box office like the Blue Screen of Death on an ailing laptop, it looked like the president’s pet project would end up being the single worst box office disaster of all time.

Well, it happened.

According to studio estimates, the U.S. government’s colorful entry into the world of socialistic fantasies was only seen by a truly awful 27,000 Americans in its opening month, besting — or is that worsting — “The Oogieloves” which only brought 65,000 people into theaters.

“Obamacare,” which stars a series of creepy costumed characters with names like Obama, Sebelius, and Issa, as well as a charming doughnut smuggler named Rand (not to mention Ted Cruz as a paper weight, a darling muppet named Mike Lee, versatile character actor Charlie Sheen, and the entire cast of the Russian version of “Everybody Loves Raymond”), cost $640 million to produce, and another reported $40 million to promote. Was the money well spent? 

Apparently not. 

Despite the large sums of money thrown at the failed project, the federal government forgot to actually send film reels to theaters. But that didn’t stop some from selling tickets anyway — or ticket holders from actually sitting in a darkened theater to watch a movie that never played. 

However, none of that will prevent the president from moving full steam ahead with his “Obamacare” franchise plans. He has already green-lit a sequel and promises that it will be delivered by the end of the month.