[image-1]Members of Occupy Columbia who sued Nikki Haley two years ago after she had them arrested for protesting on the Statehouse grounds have reached a financial settlement in the case, one of them said.

“I’m happy with the outcome,” says Walid Hakim, one of the 19 demonstrators arrested Nov. 16, 2011 by Bureau of Protective Services officers on an order from the governor. “We did reach a settlement.” (Another plaintiff in the case confirmed it.)

The total settlement agreement is $192,000

Hakim said some of the Occupiers spent several hours in federal court today. 

The case had dragged on in federal court for more than two years, racking up an unknown legal tab that will be paid with public money from the S.C. Insurance Reserve Fund. 

A lawyer for the Occupiers declined to comment about the details of the settlement.

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