DHEC recommends vaccines, even if you have already had COVID

The Department of Health and Environmental Control recommends that all residents of South Carolina get vaccinated against COVID-19, even if you have been previously infected.

Data from DHEC indicates more than 200,000 South Carolinians have some form of natural immunity to the disease after having been infected in the most recent surge. State health officials say those who have received the shot have a better chance of avoiding infection than those who rely on natural immunity.

Research by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control shows the duration of natural immunity from previous infection, although still under scrutiny, is suspected to persist for around 90 days in most people.

DHEC is doubling down on vaccination recommendation as we head into the winter months, both due to colder weather increasing infection rates and flu season threatening a “twindemic.”

Latest COVID-19 data

South Carolina health officials reported 1,333 total cases of COVID-19 Oct. 15, with 987 confirmed. A total of 119 new deaths, 106 confirmed, were also reported Friday.

With 23,349 tests reported, 6.4% were confirmed positive.

Percentage of S.C. residents with at least one vaccine: 61.6%
Percentage of S.C. residents who have completed vaccination: 53.8%