A recent survey suggests South Carolina is leading the nation in drivers texting behind the wheel, with 40 percent. I have my doubts. The story points out that the survey was commissioned by a company developing a hands-free texting technology, which is enough to make anyone suspect.

But my the real neck-scratcher is 40 percent. I mean that is a lot of drivers. Even if you narrowed the respondents to just those who have cell phones (the survey makes a reference later that respondents were screened for mobile phone usage, but that’s not referenced in the article), that’s still a lot of drivers.

So, I went motoring around the office here for our own little unscientific poll. I should note the average age polled is well under 40 and largely tech-savvy. The results?

More than 58 percent says they’ve texted while driving. There are varying degrees — some have done it once or twice, others do it at least 10 times a day.

To my question about the shear capability to type and drive, one intern responds matter of factly, “It’s a key pad. I have it memorized. Some times I use two hands and drive with my knees.” Which, I’d agree is possible, considering I’ve used a similar maneuver eating, reading directions, and doing any one of a number of complex dance move to Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Fine.”

That said, it sounds like the technology may make texting while driving a thing of the past.

“If you’ve ever tried texting on an iPhone …” my editor says. “Um, no.”