[image-1]Oicho Kabu, the local six-piece art/experimental rock ensemble (of the Malted Milk collective) kick off a three-week tour this week with an in-store set at 52.5 Records (561 King Street, 843-722-3525). Jason, Chad, Sarah, Mustafa, Sean and Kim perform “on the rug” at 7 p.m. on Sat. July 26. The tour meanders from the Midwest to New York City and back.

Malted Milk is something of an indie record label/DIY/collective. Last year, they published colorful low-budget ‘zine called Come Inside and Close the Door, which included original fiction, Xeroxed notebook paper art, a plug for the Charleston Women’s Collective, poetry, recipes for granola and zucchini bread, comics, and a 23-song compilation disc of underground music acts.