If they’re not handing out burritos to the homeless, contributing op-ed pieces to The New York Times and Huffington Post, or playing a show in the Senate chambers, Chicago quartet OK Go are touring, recording, and making videos. The day after the official release of their new album Of the Colour of the Sky, they’ll play a Charleston show at the Music Farm on Wed. Nov. 3.

Known for their meticulous choreography, OK Go’s videos have become YouTube sensations, most notably the mind-blowing treadmill video for “Here it Goes Again.”

On Mon. Sept. 20, the band premiered the video for their latest single “White Knuckles” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Knuckles” is just as thorough in attention to detail and synchrony. As the group, dressed completely in white, stands before a tower of semi-transparent, bathroom-sized trash bins, a message displays, “OK Go, With Friends.” It turns out the friends are dogs that have been choreographed into the video. Moving through and around the band as they move and stack trash cans, move tables and other furniture, and dance in rolling chairs, the dogs from the ASPCA add a sense of spectacle to the video. A continuous, single shot format is the modus operandi of OK Go’s self-created videos that are simple in appearance, but difficult to produce in terms of getting all the moves just right without pausing.

“White Knuckles” is a serious head-nodder with an upbeat rhythm, synth-driven chorus, and a subtle, yet funky, bassline. Throw in a few guitar riffs and the typically catchy OK Go melodies, and you have a track that pops while it dances and rocks.

Last week was a big TV week for OK Go. In addition to their video premiere on Ellen, the band performed “White Knuckles” live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Each donning a different colored suit — vocalist/guitarist Damian Kulush in blue, bassist Tim Nordwind in yellow, keyboardist/guitarist Andy Ross in red, and drummer Dan Konopka in green — the band played their new single with a perfect mix of album accuracy and live grittiness that makes for solid TV.

If “White Knuckles” is any indication of what’s to come for the group, fans can expect their traditional hooks, melodies, and choruses combined with a broader guitar range and more mature lyricism.

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