Music Farm
Nov. 3

It was a fairly full house at the Music Farm for the OK Go show on Wednesday night. Singer/guitarist Damian Kulush, bassist Tim Nordwind, keyboardist/guitarist Andy Ross, and drummer Dan Konopka walked on stage, each wearing a different colored suits, ready to rock much of their new album, Of the Colour of the Sky and renditions of their breakthrough hit "Here it Goes Again" and their latest single, "White Knuckles."

City Paper sales account exec Colby Chisholm (a major music fan) and his wife Kara (another major music fan) were there, snapping pictures (see gallery at right). “OK Go was a crowd-engaging, confetti-showering, brightly-lit, laser-burning, visual smorgasbord with real-time 3D and pre-recorded video,” reported Colby. “Mix the visual feats with rocking classics, a delicate handbell track, fair-priced merchandising, and light-up instrumentation and costumes, and you’ve got one of best shows of the year.”

We hear they were spotted at Social later that night giving fans an impromptu after-concert concert.