Ever since P. Diddy donned a crisp white suit at the Hamptons, white parties have signified the beginning of summer. Oku kicked off the season of shindigs with a bash last night, inviting its patrons to don their best outfits en blanche and throw down. The second annual party started a little slow as attendees munched on half-priced sushi washed down with specialty cocktails. But as the bar grew more crowded, DJ Seltzer got to work creating a party atmosphere.

A few sharply dressed ladies and gents graced the bar, including Louisa and Julian who were picked as best dressed. But some folks missed the memo, specifically a group of young girls who took to incorrectly screaming the words to a few songs. A few scantily clad female sailors also showed up.

But after midnight guests began filing out. It seemed most arrived for the cheap sushi and discounted drinks — and who wouldn’t? — then took their white ensembles elsewhere.