Charleston’s Stephen Colbert was on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live on Bravo Sunday night, taking a turn as a guest. While Colbert clarifies that he was four when he moved to Charleston, we’ll claim him anyway.

Of course, Cohen (Cone?) asked about maybe the only other Charlestonian he knows, Thomas Ravenel. Colbert’s gut take: “I try very hard not to be aware of anything associated with Thomas Ravenel.”

Colbert went on to explain: “I’m from [Charleston], so he’s a person, not just this guy, Thomas Ravenel is an actual person to me.” Looking over his shoulder, Cohen asked about the reputation in S.C. of the former state politician who resigned after being convicted on drug charges. Ever the gentleman, Colbert answered between laughs: “Just sterling. Absolutely sterling silver.”

An investigation is also pending against the politician-turned reality TV star.

Channeling all of us, Colbert further clarified his feelings on Southern Charm, saying “the entire thing was depressing to me. We don’t want this beautiful little town to be dissected as just an abattoir of morals.” (Abattoir, noun, a slaughterhouse.)

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