Whether it’s that ratty blanket your grandparents gave you as a kid or that note about a new crush you passed your B.F.F. in math, everyone has memorabilia that’s tied to the stories and memories of growing up. On February 15, Katie Kindwall of The Knowledge Potluck is giving you a chance to share those stories, from the hilarious to the devastating and everything in between, with their free Show + Tell for Adults at Eclectic Cafe at 8 p.m.

The Knowledge Potluck is forgoing their usual TED-talk/full-length presentations style for a more casual, open mic event. Speakers can skip the heavy prep-work and formalities with a 5 minute talk and share the significance of their show-and-tell object. It’s just like elementary school, but with beer, wine, and coffee available at the bar. For more information, contact Katie at (843) 812-0047 or katiekindwall@gmail.com.