Mason Guthrie

“Gone,” Lauren Hall

Country artist Lauren Hall’s latest track is an empowering breakup tune about the moment when someone realizes they don’t need to be looked at as second best. A big chorus fit for the radio is the song’s highlight.

“Alone II (feat. Hirow),” Semkari
Semkari and Hirow went in on this one. Over a moody beat, the two rap and sing their way through a detailed list of sexual activities. It’s a far cry from Semkari’s Soundcloud backlog of tunes referencing video games and anime, but it also shows that he’s grown so much as a rapper. He’s more confident in his words and has a much tighter flow.

“Sounds Like You,” Admiral Radio
Americana duo Admiral Radio didn’t just release a single today, they gave the title track of their upcoming LP. “Sounds Like You” is a romantic little folk song from a married couple. The two find a sweet harmony in the music, words and vocals.

“Faith,” Glass Mansions
Columbia electro rock duo Glass Mansions recent single is a big one. The band’s well-produced guitar and synth combo is like an explosion in slow motion on “Faith.” The sound hits the listener in waves and doesn’t let up until it’s over.

“Gettin’ High,” Tyler Boone
“Gettin’ High” is a neo-psychedelic rock tune. Lowcountry native Tyler Boone describes the track as an autobiographical song about his move to Los Angeles and it sounds as adventurous as a cross-country move.