Everyone has opinions, and most people have a sense of humor. We’ve combined the two in our online surveys at charlestoncitypaper.com. Some of our favorites since early summer touch on healthcare reform, hurricane season, and the start of another school year. Check in weekly on the front page at charlestoncitypaper.com for a current events survey. No cranky pusses, please.

What was the most awkward moment on your summer vacation?

62% Admitting you were from South Carolina

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How would you respond to an advancing hurricane?

37% My street floods when someone waters their lawn. I’m out of here.

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College started more than a week ago. Which excuse is already worn out?

41% “I was worried I had the swine flu. Turned out to just be mono.”

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What will be the next healthcare reform myth?

27% Body parts of seniors and Hitler’s pickled brain will be used to create Frankenfuhrer.

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A tough budget year and sinking ships have endangered Patriots Point. What should the troubled attraction do?

30% Randomly attack the Charleston Harbor every few months.

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Frequent Target: Mark Sanford

With our online survey going live weeks before the governor’s Argentinian trip, we’ve had a lot of fun at his expense, and the Sanford surveys have been some of the most well-received.

What’s another gubernatorial perk abused by Sanford?

36% Purchased Appalachian Trail memorabilia on the state credit card before he realized he was caught.

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“Hiking Appalachia” is now a saucy euphemism. What’s the next solitary excursion that will soon be synonymous with a naughty tryst?

30% Running the bridge.

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City Paper‘s First Web Primary

As part of our coverage of the gubernatorial race, we posted an online survey and challenged candidates, via Twitter, to prove their social networking savvy. Here are the results after two weeks of voting.

If the gubernatorial election were held today, who would you vote for?

28% Larry Grooms (R)

26% Vincent Sheheen (D)

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More Favorite Surveys (A Web Extra)

After Boeing, what industry will Charleston target next?

26% Confederate tea cup manufacturing

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With its recent cancellation, what planned Gourmet article will you miss the most?

30% Argentinian aphrodisiacs from Mark Sanford

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