Six months ago, the Republican establishment was convinced that Donald Trump was not serious about his presidential run. However, they were also afraid that the businessman and reality TV star would bolt the party for a third-party run, so the GOP forced him to sign a pledge that he wouldn’t. Now, it seems, they’re no longer concerned he’s going to run as a third-party candidate; instead, they’re worried he’s actually going to be their candidate. As a result, it looks pretty certain that the GOP is headed straight into some sort of schism, or worse.

This is an uncomfortable position for the Republican Party, so they’ve desperately tried to prop up the other ill-fitted suits in the race as the establishment candidate who can save the party. Jeb Bush failed to launch, Cruz fails to be liked, Rubio fails to do much more than look like a junior aid asked to stand in while the stage lights are focused, and Romney reappeared long enough to remind everyone why he was a terrible candidate four years ago. In short, the Republicans have simply run out of people to put up against Trump.

Except, maybe, one person.

The perfect clandestine Republican, one who is already in the race.

Hillary Clinton.

Admit it, she’s the perfect conservative to save America right now. Even Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney love her.

Now, if you’re thinking, “But she’s actually a Democrat! And a liberal!”, keep in mind she started off as a Goldwater girl in 1964. Sure, everyone says she was young and young people make mistakes, but few of them tell NPR how those early mistakes are still a part of their political beliefs. That’s not changing or evolving on the issues so much as it’s a repackaging.

Unfortunately, the packaging is still holding the same failed-hippie, Third-Way nonsense that’s helped ruin the Democratic Party for 40 years now. As it stands today, Clinton is getting worse at pretending she’s not a Republican.

Take for example her stunning statement at the funeral of former First Lady Nancy Reagan in which Clinton claimed the Reagans “started a national conversation about AIDS” in the 1980s. To say her statement was staggeringly incorrect is an understatement. Not only did the Reagan administration not speak out on AIDS until years after the condition was first made public, the “gay plague” was something of a White House in-joke.

Clinton apologized for “misspeaking” after the funeral, but nevertheless followed this gaffe up with a statement on the shutdown of a Trump rally in Chicago last week. In that statement she referenced Charleston’s response to the tragedy at Emanuel AME as being a better course of action. For Clinton, the protestors who shut down the Trump rally should have employed the same tactics as the Charleston community did after the Mother Emanuel shooting. Instead of loudly and forcefully protesting Trump’s open fascism, they should have remained calm and called for public unity. If this is the preferred vehicle of social change for Clinton and the Democratic Party, we should be all set to combat Trump somewhere around 2029 when he’s being installed for a fifth term. It should be a lot easier to do the organizing, too, since so many of us will likely be in one kind of internment camp or another.

Still, it’s hard to blame Clinton for missing the boat on this one. Her grasp of history — even her own — is tenuous. On the topic of healthcare last week, Clinton said she was at the forefront of the failed fight for universal healthcare in the early ’90s but she didn’t know where Sen. Bernie Sanders stood on the issue at that time. As a video later revealed, Sanders was standing directly behind her onstage at a speech at Dartmouth College, where she praised his efforts to help her healthcare initiative.

So, what’s the cause of Clinton’s back-to-back missteps? It’s hard to say. It could be that she just doesn’t know what she’s saying or that she’s intentionally needling the left or that she thinks that no one will fact check her or that it won’t matter. None of that changes the fact that she’s speaking exactly like a Republican.

Of course, she’s done this for years anyway, but always very safely from inside the party that cares. I’m certain Clinton’s comments on the need to bring “super predators” to “heel” back in the ’90s were as flippant as her one-time dismissals of gay marriage — until, that is, public opinion changed.

When it comes down to it, Hillary Clinton may be as close to being a Republican as a Democrat can be, but she is still preferable to a fascist like Donald Trump.