The weather outside was frightful for Saturday morning’s Reindeer Run in downtown Charleston. Holiday-themed costumes were few and far between as runners bundled up in jackets, sweaters, and ponchos, though a few were seen donning costumes like reindeer, Santa Claus, and the Grinch. Two people dressed up as sheep had cotton balls glued to their shirts that subsequently left a Hansel and Gretel-like path to the finish line. Participants in footsie pajamas seemed most comfortable and practical, since we’re assuming they just had to roll out of bed and put on their sneakers.

The run itself was made miserable not only by the rain, but by the dog poop scattered throughout the course that some owners apparently refused to pick up. Runners with children in strollers also proved to be a hazard to the leisurely walker. The rain finally stopped around 10 a.m., but at that point most of the participants were already crowded inside of Southend Brewery, pushing their way to get a cup of free beer.