OK. I think I’ve finally figured out Rick Perry’s problem.

He thinks he’s people.

And to make matters worse, far too many Americans think he’s one of us when he’s obviously a brute a few rungs down the evolutionary ladder.

I mean, what kind of cretin thinks it’s acceptable to hang out at a hunting lodge called Niggerhead? Only a beast who has no understanding of the rules of society, political or public.

But perhaps nothing proves Perry’s prehistorical pedigree more than his very public gaffe at last night’s presidential debate.

Judge for yourself:

Of course, Perry isn’t the only contender to stumble so badly at a debate. Before the Texas governor, there was Admiral James Stockdale, Ross Perot’s one-time running mate. However, Stockdale had an excuse: he was an old fossil with bad vision and worse hearing.

But not Perry. He’s just a guy with a brain that’s filled with nothing more than primordial ooze.

NOTE: Earlier this year, I gave Rick Perry two months to drop out of the race. While that timetable has surely passed, it just may turn out that I wasn’t far off. Oh. And Herman Cain is still well within his two-month window.