Four Moons is the Best Overall Restaurant in S.C., according to Open Table, the online restaurant reservations site. I haven’t paid much attention to anything on this site other than making reservations, but a recent press release from Four Moons, a relatively new fine dining venture in Orangeburg, had me scratching my head. Really? Four Moons is the Best Overall in the state? Who else shows up on that list?

Tellingly, the second Best Overall is the Melting Pot in Myrtle Beach followed by Rick Erwin’s West End Grill in Greenville. Charleston makes its first appearance at number four with Peninsula Grill. FIG, Cypress, and High Cotton also get on that top ten list.

For months, Jeff Allen’s been trying to convince me to finance a trip up to Orangeburg to check out Four Moons. I might have to relent and see what the buzz is all about.

Open Table has a whole ream of other Diners’ Choice listings, which provide some rather addictive insight into the local dining scene.

Most Booked 1000 Point Tables? High Cotton
Neighborhood Gem? Wild Olive
Most Booked? Magnolias
Best Service? Robert’s
Best Fit for Foodies? FIG

Not every restaurant is listed on Open Table. Indeed, only 36 of Charleston’s restaurants show up, so take the rankings for what you will. I found them to be a wonderful way to kill 20 minutes of this beautiful afternoon.