[image-1]As Charleston hits the 23 mark of breweries, late comer Berkeley County is finally getting into the mix. With the opening of Dockery’s on Daniel Island, the County finally saw the arrival of its first brewpub this fall. Now Wide Awake Brewing will make two for the county this summer.

Wide Awake owner Eric Roberts says his forthcoming microbrewery will open near the Nexton development, located between Summerville and Goose Creek. 

“I’ve been looking to do something for the last two years,” says Roberts who started out as a home brewer in the ’90s. A Navy vet, Roberts says he got into home brewing as a hobby, eventually founding the local home brewer club Hopped Up on Alpha Acid. After finding success in home brewing competitions, and with more time on his hands these days, he decided to go for it with his own brewery.

“With the craft beer boom and loosening of the laws in South Carolina, it’s made it more economical for small batch brewers to open,” Roberts says. And he thinks his Nexton spot will be a smart location as the Summerville/Goose Creek areas continue to grow. Nexton is also the future home of another Taco Boy and Halls Chophouse.

“This location is very convenient for us. It just came across our radar. It’s not a very big space, but we’re going to do a small five barrel brewhouse with an accessory tap room of about 500-square-feet.”

Roberts hopes to eventually have 12 taps offering a variety of beers. “I’ve brewed everything from American lager beers to German beers to Belgian beers,” he says. “I personally prefer darker, richer, sweeter, maltier beers. Porters, stouts, but I enjoy a good IPA from time to time. We’re going to be a small brewery, our plan is to stay close to our home brewing roots and be as creative with our beers as the public can appreciate.”

Look for Wide Awake Brewing to open in August 2018.