If you haven’t been to the Gibbes in awhile, now’s a great time to revisit it. Yesterday we checked out the opening reception for Prop Master: An Installation by Juan Logan and Susan Harbage Page and Jeff Whetstone: Post-Pleistocene. For Prop Master, Logan and Page drew from the Gibbes’ extensive collection as well as public and private collections to create a large-scale installation. A wall of portraits — some life-size, some miniature — explore sexual ambiguity. A collection of thousands of tiny boxes reflects the paucity of black artists in the Gibbes’ collection. The Gibbes’ website explains the exhibit best: it “investigate(s) the role of the institution of the museum as both a prop master and a prop with regard to race, class, and gender relations in Charleston society.” In the adjacent rooms, Whetstone’s photographs of caves in Alabama and Tennessee looks at the marks humans leave behind, from glowing neon graffiti to older drawings.  Whetstone won the Factor Prize in 2008. Both exhibits will be on view through July 19.