[image-1]Maybe it’s the end of the school year or the sudden arrival of 90 degree days, either way, we’ve seemed to hit a restaurant opening lull. After the five concept arrival of Workshop earlier this month, things have died down. But we’ve still got our eyes peeled on a few projects coming our way. Here’s what we’re anticipating.

210 Rutledge Ave.
Perig Goulet, the former owner of King Street’s beloved La Fourchette, says he’s possibly a week out from opening Goulette. His new French restaurant will reside in Chef John Ondo’s former Lana restaurant at the corner of Rutledge and Cannon streets. In our conversations with Goulet, he’s shared that his newest restaurant will not serve 100 percent French food and will be more casual than his previous restaurant. “It will be less upscale than La Fourchette. Something fun, relaxed. But I promise the French fries will be there.”

Harbinger Cafe & Bakery
1107 King St.
Last we checked with forthcoming Harbinger Cafe and Bakery owner Cameron Neal, she said ventilation was being installed in her and baker Greer Gilchrist’s King Street spot. And where there’s ventilation, there’s bound to be baked goods soon. The ladies behind Harbinger say this will be a spot for great take-out and good coffee as well. Look for Harbinger to open any day now.

721 King St.
Brooks Reitz is doing pizza. He’s tackled fried chicken, shucked oysters, and crushed tiny burgers, really this was the only possible next step. His latest restaurant will be called Melfi’s and will open at 721 King St. The project is in partnership with Little Jack’s Chef Jon Amato and the two have promised thin crust pizza “inspired by both Roman style pizza but also the bar pizza of classic Midwestern joints.” Salads, simple pastas, and some entrees for the non-pizza eaters along with a large bar for cocktails will also be available.

384 Huger St.
In other pizza news, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for Renzo to appear on Huger St. Arguably our favorite (and possibly only) North Central eating Street, the addition of Renzo would bring wood-fired Neapolitan-influenced pizza from Faculty Lounge owners Erik Hutson and Nayda Freire. No hard date on an opening, but we’ll keep you posted.

Chubby Fish
252 Coming St.
Chubby Fish, heretofore called The Chub at CP headquarters, is a new restaurant from partners Geoff Shyatt and James London. The two are retrofitting a beautiful storefront on Coming Street and turning it into a sustainable seafood-focused spot. For example, one dish they’ve teased is a hacked soft-shell crab rice bowl with Benton’s Bacon, XO Sauce, and a slow poached egg.

550 King St. Suite 100
Light plates and Parisian cocktails are what Michigan restaurateur Felix Landrum has planned for his King Street spot. The new wine bar and cafe is expected to open next to Revelator Coffee in August.