Great service in a restaurant is more than just having your waiter fill up your glass every time it looks empty. A professional wait staffer guides you through your meal and makes sure that every moment of your experience is a pleasant one. Maybe he or she will take a moment to have a light conversation with you. The best service seems like a breeze to the guest, but it takes skill and finesse, and a lot of training, to get it just right.

OpenTable recognizes these efforts every year, and they recently announced their top 50 winners for their annual Diner’s Choice Awards for 2010. And guess what? Three of Chuck’s very own restaurants are on that list, which includes places like Per Se in New York and Bacchanalia in Atlanta. OpenTable has received over four million reviews for more than 10,000 restaurants in the entire nation. Let’s all give a big round of applause to the Charleston Grill, the Peninsula Grill, and Robert’s of Charleston.

And if you don’t know what OpenTable is, it’s one of the best sites for making dinner reservations. It’s like Fandango for restaurants.