Oukuo, the newest project from local guitarist Thomas Kenney, released a single Friday titled “Welcome to Oukuo.” The track, and the latest project, is another outlet for Kenney to dive into his passion for world music, something he did to great effect in world beat band Terraphonics.

What’s new with Oukuo is that Kenney’s focused a lot of his attention on production, samples and unique songwriting, as opposed to shredding and improvising as an in-demand session musician and Doom Flamingo’s guitarist.


“Welcome to Oukuo” is a heavy amount of sounds and samples that crackle, collide and shift over a steady and groovy drum line. It’s definitely a track you’ll have to listen to a few times to process thanks to the dense layers and beats. If he ever puts down the guitar, Kenney may have a bright career as a left-field producer.