The City Paper‘s theater queens will be heading out again to enjoy music and dancing. Well, they’ll enjoy music and dancing from a comfortable chair … with a cocktail in hand.

Camelot • Oct. 20-21
Greg: The classic story about King Arthur on stage.
Shane: It’s Camelot? Not Spamalot?
G: Yes. Did you want to see Clay Aiken?
S: God, no. He has tarnished gays. Don’t let him tarnish Broadway.
G: He was on Broadway. In Spamalot.
S: Well, I hope Guinevere’s outfits are fierce. Seriously, I love the King Arthur story — the romance and the magic.

Avenue Q • Nov. 11-12
G: It’s Sesame Street for grown-ups, with the puppets facing adult situations.
[Shane makes a totally inappropriate joke about Sesame Street, and Snuffleupagus in particular, proving that he’s more than ready for this show.]

The Wizard of Oz • Jan. 9-10
S: Ruby slippers and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” This show is made for gay men.
G: Why do you think “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is so significant to gay men?
S: It’s not just that song, it’s the whole show. Scarecrow, Tin Man, the Lion — they’re symbols of the struggles we go through and the family we create.
G: How profound. I thought it was just because all three were a little nellie.

Jesus Christ Superstar • March 17-18
G: One of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s big hits. He did Phantom of the Opera.
S: Didn’t really like it.
G: And Cats.
S: Really didn’t like it. I just want to see Jesus’ outfit.
G: That’s exactly what the disciples would say.

Garrison Keillor • April 12
S: Who is that?
G: Let’s move on. He’s the host of Prairie Home Companion on NPR.
S: What’s NPR?
G: Let’s move on.

The Color Purple • April 27-29
G: It’s about a woman who was raped and pregnant as a young girl. The thie is about faith and beauty in the face of tragedy and pain.
S: It’s hard to be catty about this story. Though purple is a nice fall color.
G: They’re doing the show in the spring.
S: Out of season.
G: It’s a spring color, right?
S: Oh, no.