Who: Eva Carter, owner of an art gallery at 132 East Bay St. and a nationally-renowned painter of “abstract expressionism.” In the Lowcountry, where realistic views of marshland and streetscapes reign supreme, her work stands out. Eva’s paintings are “a strenuous attempt to communicate an emotional and spiritual response to [her] most moving experiences (mostly triggered by natural surroundings).” The surroundings from which she draws her inspiration are found in the disparate areas of the Lowcountry, her home state of Tennessee, and New Mexico, where her career began.

Favorite Lunch Spot: Blossom is her first choice. Why? An accomplished artist with a keen interest in lighting, color, and composition, Eva points out the “very pleasing decor,” courtesy of recent renovations to the indoor dining area (gorgeous furniture, muted pastels, airy spaciousness, and softened lighting) and to the outdoor terrace. And being an adept businesswoman, she says Blossom is an excellent place for conducting business and entertaining visitors. She also praises the quality of service and the fine food. Admittedly, it doesn’t hurt that her gallery on East Bay is only a few meandering steps away.

Favorite Dish (and Beverage): Eva recommends starting proceedings off with Blossom’s potent and spicy Bloody Mary, served in a tall, fluted glass. That quaffed, she frequently orders the tasty and reasonably priced salmon BLT with spinach and goat cheese aioli set between grilled slices of Normandy Farm’s sourdough bread. It comes with a plentiful side of potato salad.