Who: Jessica Chase of the new Tom Bolt Show with Jessica Chase on 98X-FM during morning drive time. Jessica and Tom have replaced Howard Stern, who’s finally moved into outer space. When not deejaying, Jessica performs comedy improv with The Bottom Line, the all-women troupe Mary Kay Has a Posse, and with the grandaddy of Charleston comedy groups, The Have Nots! Some nights you might even catch her bartending at Theatre 99. Just for laughs. You can catch her performing this week in the Charleston Comedy Festival.

Favorite Place: Pa Pa Zu Zu’s, 370 King St. Most days, Jessica prefers to simply boil a pot of Ramen noodles for lunch. But let’s face it, that can get boring fast, like an oft-told joke. So when she feels a yen to venture out for lunch or even dinner, she ambles on over to Pa Pa’s for food and relaxation. Jessica says the staff is “soooo nice,” always friendly and upbeat, and the atmosphere is just the way she likes it: laid back. Most significantly, Jessica lived for awhile in Hoboken, N.J., and Pa Pa’s layout evokes fond memories of that town’s “railroad car” or “shotgun” eateries: places long and narrow, cozy and intimate.

Favorite Dish: No question, Jessica’s number one choice is the gyro with the cucumber salad as a side and a bottle of Cheerwine to wash it all down. She emphasizes the large chunks of grilled onion that go into each gyro. It helps, too, that Pa Pa’s gyro is so hefty, she can rewrap this wrap and take half of it home for dinner — thus having one less period in her day when she has to improvise.