Few people thought that Outer Space, a non-profit gallery/venue, would be as successful as it was. From last December through the end of May (when their lease ran out), the Meeting Street venue booked an impressive range of punk and DIY bands like Future Islands and Neon Blud along with local artists like Karen Ann Meyers and Brian Bustos. Not bad for an organization that relied exclusively on donations and volunteers.

So it’s a bit of a surprise that Outer Space just fizzled out.

“Outer Space is closed until further notice," says co-founder Liz Vaughn. "The people of Outer Space, however, are not done doing what we do. There will be various shows in venues like the Communication Museum, Andolini’s, Kudu, and whatever else we can find. What is more important to me is revamping the structure rather than finding a new location. Although it does seem to be important for us to have four walls and a roof.”

Hopefully, it’s too early to count them out completely. “I’m sure we will get a better idea about what the creative community around here really needs, and the best ways we can help it grow,” says co-founder Kim Larson.