A few blogs and at least one regional LGBT website have claimed this week that Democrat Linda Ketner “outed” three big-name GOPers in South Carolina politics.

But the simple fact is that she did not “out” these people. Outing requires a rather large threshold. Namely, the person doing the outing has to have some sort of intimate access. In Ketner’s case, she’s a Democrat with no more access to these three Republicans than anyone else.

It was evident to us that she was passing on cocktail chatter in supposed confidence and she said as much in a blog post on her website.

I’ve always been resolute about never outing anyone, believing strongly that every person gets to decide when or if he or she comes out.

I let myself and others down in a recent off-the-record chat with a reporter. I obviously don’t have knowledge of the sexual orientation of any individuals mentioned. What I do have is respect and appreciation for their service to this state.

My sincerest apologies to any of you rightfully upset with me.

For the record, one of our most popular stories online to date is from 2007, when Sen. Lindsey Graham was targeted for outing after the Larry Craig scandal. We note very early in the story that Graham has plainly proclaimed his heterosexuality. And we retired that Glenn McConnell/Hunley seamen joke a long, long time ago.