At first glance, the Tin Roof looked like any Charleston bar on Friday night with people playing pool, cracking jokes, and chugging beer. But if you listened closely, you could hear Patrick Swayze’s “She’s Like the Wind” softly playing in the background while Dirty Dancing was projected onto a wall.

The Patrick Swayze Birthday Bash featured a mishmash of games, karaoke, and movie screenings starring the one and only Swayz-meister. During a short round of trivia, we were quizzed on which popular TV show Swayze made his acting debut (M.A.S.H.) and whether or not he was an origami enthusiast (he was). The prizes were just as quirky, ranging from a Yoda-shaped lollipop to a nautical-themed origami kit.

In the style of Mystery Science 3000, local comedians Jason Groce and Dusty Slay turned the romantic drama Ghost into a B-rated comedy. “I’m the Jauggernaut, bitch!” was voiced over in the opening scene as Molly Jensen and Sam Wheat hammered through the ceiling of their new apartment. Kudos to the Tin Roof for organizing the event, which was ultimately intended to raise awareness and money for pancreatic cancer research.