[image-6]According to Cintas 2017 America’s Best Restroom Contest, “aside from its beer, the restrooms are one of Palmetto’s main attractions.” That’s why the bathrooms, well, the men’s room specifically, has been named a finalist in the annual competition.

What makes Palmetto’s pee pots special? At Palmetto, you can break the seal by peeing in a series of recycled kegs.

“We really wanted to support local artists when we put the Tap Room together,” says Palmetto CEO John Planty. “Matt Wilson of Airtight Artwork collaborated with us on a way to incorporate our industry and have fun while enjoying great beer.”

Now, we’ve known about these kegurinators for a while now but what we didn’t realize (having never entered the men’s room at Palmetto) was that the urinals are designed to look like mouths — one has braces, another has buck teeth, the third is designed to look like a vampire which, we imagine, more than one beer bro has used as an open invitation to regale his friends back at the bar with a series of wildly unoriginal “I want to suck your …” jokes for the rest of the evening.

But I digress.

Two years after Charleston Distilling Co. made America’s Best Restroom Contest finalist list for its giant barrel baños, Palmetto is looking to become the winning wizz biz. To show your support, visit BestRestroom.com and vote before Oct. 27.
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