Monday night found us at Recovery Room for the tots and beer dinner. With five courses of tots and beer, we probably should have fasted beforehand. As we sipped on our first beer, the Ginger Snap, Chris “Boston” Dimattia jumped up on the bar to welcome us all to the dinner. He promised it wouldn’t be a stuffy, snobby one, and he was right.

The taters were served on paper plates with plastic cutlery, music played on the jukebox, and guests were content just to sit back and get spud happy. The only downside was that there seemed to be a couple of guests who didn’t have seats.

We started with the Rec Room’s late-night standard of tachos (although slightly spicier than normal) paired with the Palmetto Lager before moving on to the guest chefs of the evening. We tried to grab some pics, but tots aren’t always the most photogenic. Plus, it’s as dark as the night in there.

Brannon Florie was the first one up with a hashbrown-like tot invention paired with an egg, pork belly, and apple jam served with Palmetto’s Aftershock. We tried not to eat the whole thing to save room for the other courses, but we failed.


The Palmetto Amber came out before Will Fincher’s pesto-inspired tot creation and we  weren’t very good at waiting. But we’re sure the flavors would have worked well together — especially with the hint of orange in the dish. 

Corey Burke from Roti Rolls and the Green Door was up next, as was the classic Palmetto Pale Ale. We got an extra course too, a mini tot burger.

We were happy this dish was small, but then the real course came: a heaping bowl of oxtail, grits, kimchi, gravy (pig head, if you were wondering), and about five tots on the side. The dish — cleverly named “oxy-tot-in” — seemed to be a crowd favorite, and some people may have hidden their leftovers to take home with them.

Then the fifth and final course came, which reminded us of the British dish of toad in the hole — a sausage wrapped in Yorkshire pudding. This one had a Southern twist with sweet potato tots being subbed in for the pudding. Holy wow, Todd Garrigan. If only we hadn’t just eaten four starchy dishes before that. 

The bar had specials on all Palmetto brews for the rest of the night, but we had to roll ourselves out of there — almost literally. At least our carb craziness was for a good cause ($10 from each ticket went to the Ronald McDonald House).