The long road to raise $50,000 to build Tricounty Family ministries‘ new kitchen is nearly complete thanks to a generous donation today from Palmetto Goodwill. In an email to TFM, Palmetto Goodwill’s president and CEO Robert Smith writes,

“I’d like to commit $5,000 toward your goal for the new kitchen! I know it’s been a long journey and here at Palmetto Goodwill we wanted to help make that journey closer to reality!”

With this donation (plus the previous anonymous $10,000 donation), Tricounty Family Ministries is now just $4,040 from reaching the $50,000 mark. And to think this all began just three weeks ago when we published our story “Walk-ins Welcome.” We can’t thank y’all enough for donating to North Charleston’s only major soup kitchen to make this project a reality.

That said, we now have just nine days to raise that final $4,040 that will allow TFM to install in their new home in Cherokee Place United Methodist Church a walk-in cooler, oven, hood, and new electrical work to feed the more than 300,000 free meals they offer each year.

As we fill our shopping carts with gifts and prepare for the holidays, meet with friends for parties and feasts, please remember our North Charleston neighbors who won’t be celebrating this year with giant dinners and presents, and please consider all of the people who will line up on Rivers Avenue on December 19 for TFM’s annual Christmas Brunch looking for a break from the cold, a warm meal, and a respite from the harsh realities of poverty. Please give here if you can.