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West Ashley’s Frothy Beard Brewing Company released four beers last week, including a holiday favorite and a new IPA brewed using products from Palmetto Malt Company, South Carolina’s first and only malting business.

After a trip to Palmetto Malt’s St. George malt house, Frothy Beard co-owner Joey Siconolfi had what he needed to brew Maynard’s Waterfall, a 6% ABV red IPA brewed with Cascade and Amarillo hops. Maynard’s Waterfall is the first canned beer made using Palmetto Malt.

“This was a huge milestone for me as a brewer that is passionate about supporting local growers,” Siconolfi said. “Jared from Palmetto Malt was a very gracious host and let us tour his barley, wheat, rye and triticale fields, and he let us see his malting equipment as well. We used his Palmetto pale as the base malt in this red IPA, as it’s nutty and biscuity which lends itself well to a maltier beer.” 

After opening the first craft malting business in the state last fall, Palmetto Malt Company owner Jared Weathers‘ product debuted in beers at Wide Awake Brewing Company and Rusty Bull Brewing Co. Since then, Palmetto Malt has been featured in local beers at Fat Pig Brewing Co., Baker and Brewer, Hobcaw Brewing Company and now Frothy Beard. 

Jared Weathers (right) with Rusty Bull’s Brian Bogstad at Palmetto Malt’s St. George farm | Courtesy Palmetto Malt

“We really enjoyed working with Frothy — great people who took the time out of their busy schedule to come see the malt house and even planted barley with us,” Weathers said. 

Frothy Beard also announced the return of three holiday-themed favorites: Hooloovoo (barrel-aged blueberry gose), Mermaid’s Milk Stout and Eggnog Sip Sip Pass, a riff on the brewery’s cult-favorite New England-style IPA. 

“We add some extra vanilla and eggnog spices to really ramp up the holiday classic taste in the IPA,” said Frothy Beard co-owner Michael Biondi

All four beers are available at Frothy Beard’s West Ashley taproom, which is open daily starting at 11 a.m. For more information, visit