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Terrace Theater

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While Paul Brown logged a dozen successful years as owner and operator of the Terrace Theater on James Island, a voice in his head asked continuously: “What will go wrong now?”

Could the growth of his business be swept away by a flood or hurricane? Could a huge chain theater open nearby? He never, however, anticipated a challenging global pandemic. 

Nevertheless, the Terrace has emerged even stronger. “Business has been great since the fall,” Brown exclaimed.

The Terrace’s customers are excited too, so much so that City Paper readers have named the Terrace the Best Movie Theater.  

The skills Brown learned as an independent producer for 20 years, along with the support from his wife, Robin, enabled them to open during the pandemic a very popular on-site drive-in theater and offer private screenings four months ahead of the competition. “Most importantly,” Brown explained, “we rehired and kept all our staff.

“Our community and charitable presence is as strong as ever,” he added. “Our approach now is simple; improve the experience for the moviegoer.” The Terrace now has six new projectors, new seats, new curtains and it has been renovated.

“None of this could have been possible without the incredible and unique support of the Charleston community,” he said.

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