[image-1]TheWrap reports that a settlement has been reached in the Sarah Jones lawsuit. Jones, a College of Charleston grad, was struck by a train while working as a camera assistant on the Gregg Allman biopic Midnight Rider in Wayne County, Ga. Jones died from the injuries she sustained during the Feb. 20 accident.

According to TheWrap, her parents, Richard and Elizabeth Jones, filed the suit “to find out what happened on the day of their daughter’s death, determine who was responsible, hold those who made bad decisions accountable and ensure this kind of tragedy never happens again on another film set.”

Director Randall M. Miller, executive producer Jay Sedrish, producer Jody Savin, first assistant director Hillary Schwartz, and others were the defendants in the Jones’ lawsuit — and settlement. Gregg Allman, manager Michael Lehman, and distributor Open Road Films were dropped from the case last month. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

Miller, Sedrish, Savin, and Schwartz still face criminal trespassing charges as well as involuntary manslaughter charges in a separate suit. Their trial begins in March 2015, also in Wayne County.