Hankering for muffuletta? Log off Travelocity and prepare to drive to North Charleston. Jeff Filosa, owner of food truck Carolina Creole is putting down roots in Park Circle and says his Bayou Bowls, crawfish mac and cheese, étouffée, and boudin will soon be available at 4830 O’Hear Ave.

“We’re going to do lunch and dinner with a strong happy hour,” says Filosa. The chef currently offers somewhere around 35 dishes from his food truck, but says his restaurant, which he plans to call LoLA Low Country Louisiana Seafood Kitchen, will expand beyond that.  

“We’re going to do oysters on the half shell and a lot of dinner specials we couldn’t due in the truck due to space,” he says. 

After three years manning Carolina Creole, Filosa says he was ready to open brick-and-mortar space, adding that his food truck’s curbside service never worked out as well as he’d hoped. “We did a lot more catering,” he says. He plans to continue offering catering once LoLA opens.

An official opening date hasn’t been announced, but Filosa says that once things are fully operational LoLA will also have two large patios for outdoor dining as well. “They’re under the most beautiful oaks too,” he adds.