Parliament, a group that supports the creative communities in Charleston and the entire state, recently released a report on the impact of film incentives in South Carolina. The state is in a tight regional battle to draw films to the Palmetto State. Hollywood is becoming more concerned with tax credits and rebates as opposed to exotic locales and diverse geography. In 2006, South Carolina started providing incentives for film producers, hoping to cash in on the extensive positive financial impact of local filming. When production companies roll into town, they bring with them jobs and cash, purchasing supplies from local vendors. However, these incentives have become the subject of controversy, with some economists questioning their sustainability and overall impact. South Carolina provides a 20 percent rebate on all in-state wages. Traditionally, Charleston and Beaufort have been the most popular destinations for filming, but in the wake of the 2006 package, places like Greenville, Columbia, and Florence were used for filming. Also, traditional powerhouse Beaufort has seen a sharp decline in film production, attributed to its inability to compete with incentive programs of other states, like Georgia. You can read this report here.